Seeking the best

ICERTIAS works together with organisations and institutions around the world on emphasising the value of quality

Regardless of whether it’s a case of the daily purchase of milk, the purchase of a family or company car or the purchase of tickets to the latest concert in town, the need to address quality is universal.

Using innovative, precise and transparent criteria, we unmask false promotional claims and rewards those on the market that genuinely offer better quality, greater value for money and excellent customer and client service.

We use procedures that make it easier for consumers to locate products and services in their area that offer greater quality, provide a proven greater value for the indicated price and that offer the highest standard of customer and client service.

To ensure that all objectives are met, ICERTIAS, in cooperation with partners, works on the development of international standards for the valorisation of high-quality products and services, measuring the price and quality ratio for each product or service purchased and defining the criteria for excellence in customer and client relations.


Quality and value are subjective categories - they depend on local culture, habits - local preferences...



We at ICERTIAS understand that, in today's globalised world, standardisation is important, therefore our methodologies are standardised - at a global level.

Using a globally defined certificate scheme, we deem that only domestic consumers and experts - exclusively at a local level, can give a relevant judgement about the value and quality of a set product or service in their market.