A small world yet so diverse

Quality has always been a subjective concept

Even today it is remarkably difficult to assess quality and reward those who genuinely deserve it

Today globalisation is felt in all corners of the globe. Consumers worldwide are faced with an abundant selection of goods and services like never before.

When in Rome...

Even today an Italian consumer in Rome has completely different expectations of his/her personal vehicle than a German customer from Munich.

What may be perfectly good quality milk to a New Yorker may be the taste of utter disappointment for someone in Moscow.

The inhabitants of Sao Paolo in Brazil have a completely different taste in mind when they say the perfect sausage than someone living in Sydney Australia.

Concept of Quality

Quality is equally valued in Mexico as it is in Japan. However, the concept of quality from product to product, from service to service, differs significantly from country to country - even within the same country there are exceptional differences between one social group and another.

Mediterranean’s prefer milder foods. Indians love spicy food. Somewhere car performance may be primarily valued, whereas elsewhere it may be size, then again someone else may place emphasis on design

ICERTIAS understands that only a local consumer and local expert can best understand the attitudes of domestic customers...

We provide a proven methodology that enables the detection of superior products and services at a local level - and in completely different social niches - from the perspective, and according to the affinities of the local population and local experts.